About Us

Management Principle

Actively contribute to improving people's quality of life and to realization of the sustainable society through creating new values to support the society

Be an essential and attractive brand with integrity for the society

Always think customer centered, have high motivation, and love teamwork for innovation

Working based on high ethical standards and integrity, we support safe and comfortable car life by provide satisfactory comprehensive automotive services.

We always develop our services from customer’s point of view to be a company that grow up with the customers.

Providing environmental friendly services, we would like to contribute to development of the sustainable society.

Company Profile

Company Name
23-5 Uozakihamamachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 658-0024 Japan
Car maintenance, Bodywork, New and used car sales,
Auto parts manufactureing and sales, Car storage, Rent-a-car,
General insurance agency, Vehicle registoration agency, Import and export
February 24th, 2012
Kinki Transportation Bureau Certified Factory
Certification number: 7477
Secondhand Dealer License
Hyogo Public Safety Commission: Number 631101200017

Code of Conduct

StarCraft Co., Ltd. declare that it insists to be a organization of well managed compliance and to practice necessary activities for it and that the company offers its customers happiness and reassurance.

(1)We follow the laws and regulations
We comply with laws, regulations, and company rules, and act as an appropriate corporate person based on social ethics.
(2)We properly handle personal information
We properly manage important personal information and the related received from our customers.
(3)We are not involved with anti-social forces
We resolutely respond to any anti-social forces that pose a threat to the society, refuse all vehicle sales and repairs, etc. and have no relationship.
(4)We do not handle unauthorized remodeling cars
As a certified plant of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, we do not accept inspections, maintenance or inspections of illegally modified vehicles (vehicles that violate national compliance standards).
(5)We comply with industory standard safety regulations
In order to provide our customers with a safe car life, we adhere to the safety regulations of automakers.
(6)We create a comfortable workplace
We maintain our working environment that ensures employee rights, safety, and health, and will not tolerate any act that violates human rights such as harassment.
(7)We promote social contribution activities
As a member of the society, we collaborate with the community and actively promote social contribution activities.