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History, memory, or record. Whatever they’re called, cars that have lived for decades carry significant and unique values. Depending on how to treat these essence, the flavour of the car never be the same.

We believe that restoration is not just giving clean and keen look to a car or replacing parts with the one listed on a certified parts catalogue. It must be much more comprehensive, sophisticated, and fun! Learning what the original manufacturer intended to and dreamed of, knowing how the car has lived with her family and people, and of course giving the highest consideration to the vision and thoughts of the current owner.

We are very happy to carry out such demanding tasks because we just love cars. We want them and their owners to live wonderful life now and in the future leading to another great moment. This is our definition of “restoration.”

We decided to call our restoration program “MURO” because we believe we are on a way of creating a new definition of classic car restoration. It is still restoration but based on a combination of accumulated knowledge of classic know-hows and cutting-edge technologies to achieve sustainable classic car life for the next decades.