Comprehensive Restoration

Art of Accuracy

How accurate an engine of the car should be? When we talk about exterior or upholstery of a car, usually a fraction of millimeter is fine enough for unit. Similarly, not many things in daily life require accuracy in a scale of micro meter because it will not make any difference practically, but car’s engine does.

Even cars manufactured with the same blueprint of the same specifications at the same factory contain differences, of course within the manufacturer’s quality assurance standards. Moreover, cars driven for decades experience aging and wear which cause change in balance of entire vehicle mechanism.

Restoration process of MURO employs our skilled engineers to measure each part of the car with a micrometer and optimizes the whole balance. Carrying out such subtle work without loosing the car’s identity which has been uniquely acquired over the decades is nothing but as a result of beautiful combination of technology and knowledge of our well-experienced engineers.

Small but significant difference in feel that touches driver’s heartstrings is produced by accurate engineering by professional car engineers.