Parts & 3D Printing Technology

The Real Voyage of Discovery

Storm of digital and information technology comes to everything today, no exception to classic cars. Under the circumstance, what makes classics cars to be classic cars? How about the definition of a car?

Technology in general should resolve inconvenience and to make people happy. You may never complain about how inconvenient your classic car is, but you may say “I was just told the manufacturer makes no more replacement parts for my car!” It is simply sad.

So, we decided to utilize the latest technology to solve this unhappiness. Combining the latest 3D printing technology, software, 3D scanner with the knowledge of our well-experienced engineers, we are now offering reproduction of discontinued parts, making compatible parts from damaged components, creating one off parts, and developing a rare parts 3d data library.

We would like to contribute to further development of the classic car culture in a way where people enjoy classic values while feeling fresh breeze towards the new dimension of classic car. The wind is favourable. Let us boldly go where no man has gone before.